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SDS RII-77 / May 2015

C465 for RII-77

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RII-77, a registered trademark of ROAN INDUSTRIES, INC., is a polymeric diol useful as a Portland cement grinding aid and pack-set inhibitor. RII-77 is available from ROAN INDUSTRIES, P. O. Box 39, West Chester, Pa. 19380.

RII-77 is shipped as a 100% active material and can be stored at this concentration. If it is anticipated that the material temperature will fall below 25 degrees F., it should be diluted when delivered to 50% - 75% concentration as it can be more readily handled at these dilutions when cold.

For finish mill additions, it is normally diluted to a 10% - 20% solution and the recommended addition rate is 0.008 to 0.060% for Types I and II cements, and 0.020 to 0.045% for Type III.

RII-77 has no known handling hazards, but prolonged or repeated skin contact or inhalation of vapor should be avoided. Good general and local ventilation adequate to maintain vapor concentration below irritating levels should be provided.